Here's What The Game Pou Is All About

08/30/2015 20:03

Today we are going to be talking about about an interesting game which is based on virtual reality. The game that we are going to talk about is known as Pou. Pou is basically your virtual alien pet that you need to take care of always on a timely basis and make sure that it is well mannered and well groomed. I definitely believe that this game has a lot of potential and that Pou is quite nice game.

The important aspect of this game is to make sure that Pou is taken care of very well and that he does not get tired, hungry or of course dirty. You need to make sure that he is hygienic and is always clean and that he is fed on time without missing any meals. You will also need to use pou hack apk and make sure that you do not feed him in a large manner so that he gets fatty and also need to make sure that you do not under feed him otherwise he will beat in and remain tired and in bad condition.

The game is very quick to send you reminders in case he is hungry and when it is time to feed. It is not just Pou that is the actual game, but this game also offers mini games inside it so there is a lot of amount of game playing experience involved. By playing this mini games, you get what is known as tokens or coins. You will use this coins to buy variety of items inside the game or upgrade or and hands the characteristics and appearance of your Pou. You will be gaining higher in levels the maximum amount of time you play the game.

It is also important to make sure that your ball stays healthy. For that, you need to constantly give him potions. In the end, I believe that the game is quite nice and there are a lot of things to do to keep you busy. There are some things that I am not a fan of however in general, the game is quite decent.


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